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Compliance Videos

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INNOVA IBERICA offers the conception and production of videos on the various compliance topics, which can effectively support the specialist staff in the company in complying with legal regulations.

We use the concept of training pills in video format, the duration of which usually varies between 4 and 8 minutes. This content helps those responsible for compliance within the company to develop training and awareness-raising activities. The videos provide audio-visual support presented in simple, colloquial language.

These videos are aimed at all employees of the company, but can be specially designed for different interest groups or user profiles.

We have standard compliance videos that are ready to play, but we also design customized videos for our clients. We create individual videos on all issues related to compliance in your organization. These can be internal procedures, guidelines or individual regulations of your company.

All our videos can be made multilingual. The following video shows an example of a standard training pill on the compliance issue of corruption and bribery: