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Innova Ethics

Ethics and transparency in preventing violations

Innova ETHICS is a web platform that allows communication, management and monitoring of possible irregularities within the organization, as well as requests related to the fulfillment of the functions that may arise from the work functions of employees. It consists of two strictly separate modules: the whistleblowing channel and the consultation channel, both of which have the same security and guarantees so that workers and stakeholders can feel secure in the transmission of information.
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Innova ETHICS: canal de denuncias y de consultas

Innova ETHICS in detail


Ethical reporting channel

The EHTICS system makes it possible to develop a reporting channel for violations ("whistleblowing") specifically tailored to your company, taking into account your code of ethics, the terms of use and privacy policies and conditions, as well as the corporate image of your organization, in order to actively promote your corporate commitment and social responsibility. It enables corporate governance in compliance with the principles of "good governance" and the creation of an enduring culture of ethics and compliance in the organization.

The Innova ETHICS reporting system allows the confidential or anonymous communication (customizable by the organization) of possible irregularities or violations detected within the organization, as well as the monitoring of the actions taken by the organization's responsible persons. The reporter will receive notifications on their e-mail account of any change in the status of the complaint or can view it via the tracking code that is generated after registering the complaint.

The system also allows creating full reports for each complaint and regular channel usage reports with performance indicators or KPIs such as number of complaints received, % of complaints processed, distribution of complaints by reason, average resolution time, etc.
Características: Canal de denuncias
Características: seguridad y confidencialidad de la información

Security and confidentiality

Our reporting channel "ETHICS" was developed according to the information security recommendations set out in the ISO27001 standard and in compliance with the requirements of the data protection directives and the Whistleblowing Directive (EU) 2019/1937.

Browsing the application is secure using SSL certificates, and the database and file system are encrypted, giving our customers the best protection against threats.

Evidence Generator and Evidence Storage

The Innova ETHICS ethics channel enables the generation of evidence with every complaint or inquiry submitted, as well as with every follow-up action taken in each of them.

Thanks to our advanced technology, the system generates electronically signed documents with digital certificate and time stamp to serve as proof of the business organization's duty of care.
Características: generación y repositorio de evidencias

Main properties

  • Classification of complaints and requests by typology
  • Anonymous or confidential configuration of reports
  • Monitoring of the measures taken
  • User's personal area to check the history and status of complaints or requests
  • Personal space of the person responsible for the channel in the company to follow up on complaints or inquiries and generate reports
  • Certified time-stamped report of each complaint or request
  • Global channel usage reports
  • File encryption
  • Database encryption
  • Database backup available for the client
  • Compliance with data protection legislation and Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on whistleblowing
  • Data center based in Western Europe
  • SSL certificate for safe surfing
  • Full traceability of all actions performed